Evangelist G.M. Coleman

Coleman has always had a desire to help God’s people have a better future by bringing healing and comfort to their bodies and souls through the hands of the Almighty God.
As a young girl, she had a desire to alleviate pain and suffering so as an adult, she became a nurse so she could be used as an instrument of God to deliver healing and comfort to the wounded and those ill in their body or mind. She has delivered compassionate care for 28 years to people suffering physically, mentally, from diseases, the elderly, and those who needed rehabilitative and surgical care or going through the end of life stages.
Now as a pastor, she seeks to heal and deliver those who may be ill in their body, or spirit because she cares about your heart and soul. From the time of birth, she experienced rejection, persecution isolation, bondages and strongholds. Therefore, she has experienced a literal hell on earth and spiritual warfare on a personal level, the loss of a spouse, parents and sibling, a child on Hospice with a terminal illness, alcoholism as a young adult, abusive relationships, financial struggles, oppression, spirits of intimidation and divination. She has dealt with spouses and children going through addictions and other issues, but she found Jesus during this spiritual journey, who sustained her through it all and the lessons she has learned from experience can be used to deliver others. About eight years ago, the Lord inspired her to share these experiences with his people to help them be healed, delivered and set free from abuse, strongholds and the powers of darkness. She attended Newburg Theological Seminary and became a pastor over two years ago. She has an online ministry under Evangelist Dr. Georgia Coleman, Heart and Soul Ministry, as well as a private Women’s Support group for Women, who have encountered various types of hell. She also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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